1. Fried Imperial Rolls - $5.95

Julienne taro root, carrots, bean thread, shiitake mushrooms, tofu, onion and yellow bean rolled in a crispy shell served with vegetarian dipping sauce


2. Fresh Summer Rolls - $5.95

Fresh thin sliced carrots, red and white cabbage, fresh mint, tofu, and vermicelli, rolled in rice paper and served with house peanut sauce


3. Fresh Autumn Rolls  - $5.95

Sautéed julienne carrot, celery, cabbage, tofu, with fresh mint and vermicelli, rolled in rice paper and served with ginger plum sauce


4. Fresh Cucumber Rolls - $6.95

Strips of fried tofu, marinated julienne white radish, carrot, and mint leaf rolled in thin slice of cucumber served with house peanut sauce


5. Veggie Kabob - $6.95

Seasoned eggplant, mushroom, red bell pepper, tofu, onion and zucchini covered in homemade BBQ peanut sauce



*Add soy beef, soy chicken, and tofu for $3

6. Green Papaya Salad - $8.95

Julienne green papaya, carrots, touch of purple cabbage, fresh basil, served with marinated soy beef and tofu, in Fresh Mint tamarind sauce topped with peanuts


7. Fresh Mint Salad $8.95

Chilled green bean, red bell pepper, carrot, onion, cucumbers, fresh mint, and marinated tofu tossed in Fresh Mint sauce


8. Lotus Salad - $8.95

Crisp lotus shoots, cucumber, carrot and fresh herbs tossed with tofu and Fresh Mint lemon vinegar, topped with peanuts


9. Fresh Island Green - $8.95

Organic spring mixed green, granny smith apple slices, golden pineapple slices, candied walnuts, shredded carrots, and dried cranberries, tossed in mint tangerine vinaigrette


Soups (Small/Large)

* Add soy beef, soy chicken, or tofu for $3

*Split fee $2.00

10. Vietnamese Sweet & Sour Soup - $6.95 / $8.95

Traditional home cooking. Pineapple, tomato, celery, bean sprouts, mushroom and tofu, simmered in tamarind broth with basil leaves


11. Spicy Lemongrass Noodle Soup - $6.95 / $8.95

A real favorite of central Vietnam. Spicy lemongrass vegetable broth with tofu and noodles, served with bean sprouts and fresh mint


12. Five Spice Noodle Soup (Pho) - $6.95 / $8.95

Five spices in mildly sweet vegetable broth served with rice noodles and marinated soy beef, topped with tofu, side of bean sprouts and basil


13. Fresh Garden Vegetable Soup - $6.95 / $8.95

Fresh vegetables in homemade vegetable and ginger broth. Delicious and mild



Add soy beef, soy chicken, or tofu for $3

14. Pad Thai - $10.95

Mildly spicy, sweet and tangy sauce, rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables, onions and tofu, topped with peanuts and fresh lime


15. Lemongrass Soy Beef Delight - $10.95

Soy beef with a touch of spicy seasoning, onion, cucumber, carrot and vermicelli, served with our fresh herbs, bean sprouts and lemon vinegar sauce, topped with peanuts


16. Imperial Roll Noodles - $10.95

Imperial rolls served with cucumbers, bean sprouts, fresh mint, rice noodles and lemon vinegar sauce


17. Stir Fried Noodles  - $10.95

Rice noodles topped with assorted vegetables and tofu, in our house brown sauce



All entrees served with jasmine white rice or brown rice

Add on soy beef, soy chicken, tofu or steam vegetable $3.00


18. Rainbow Wonder  - $12.95

Wokked 7 colors of assorted vegetables and shiitake mushrooms coated with sesame ginger garlic sauce


19. Fresh Mint Tomatoes - $12.95

Tomatoes filled with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, onion, tofu and bean thread, served with steamed seasonal vegetables drizzled with sesame ginger


20. Eggplant With Basil - $10.95

Asian eggplant with tofu and basil in a mild spicy garlic brown sauce


21. Fresh Lemongrass Tofu  - $12.95

Fresh tofu, seaweed, and bean curd rolled and seasoned with lemongrass and onion, served with our tangy sweet red sesame ginger sauce


22. Golden Curry Vegetables - $11.95

Potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, and tofu infused in our signature curry sauce served with your choice of rice or vermicelli


23. Vegetable Fried Rice - $11.95

Seasoned rice with assorted fresh vegetables and veggie meat


24. Golden Soy Chicken Delight - $11.95

A Chinese favorite, ginger and green onion mixed together in our special sauce create a master flavor in our soy chicken


25. Signature Lemongrass Curry - $11.95

Your choice of tofu or Japanese eggplant, sautéed lemongrass with green and white onion simmered in our signature curry coconut sauce


26. Sesame Soybean - $10.95

Tofu, carrot and snow peas mixed gently together in our spicy tangy sesame seed sauce


27. Spicy Ginger Soy Beef - $11.95

Julienne carrots, onion, snow pea, ginger and soy beef in a touch of spicy ginger sauce



Chef’s Specials

Served steam vegetable choice of white rice or brown rice

Add on soy beef, soy chicken, tofu or steam vegetable $3.00


28. Vegetarian Citrus Spare Rib  - $13.95

In our fresh citrus ginger sauce served with assorted steamed vegetables


29. Vegetarian Black Pepper Steak - $13.95

In our spicy black pepper garlic sauce with zucchini, celery, onion, bell pepper and carrots


30. Curry Apple Tofu - $13.95

Green apple, raisin, tomatoes, pine nut, soy protein, onion, simmered in turmeric curry sauce


31. Vegetable Chow Mein - $13.95

Soft rice noodles, topped with assorted vegetables, shiitake mushrooms and tofu in our special house brown sauce


32. Kung Pao Soy Chicken - $13.95

A classic Kung Pao sauce with garlic, white and green onion, soy chicken, zucchini, bell pepper, celery, carrots and crunchy peanuts


33. Hot Pot - $14.95

Hot pot rice, tofu, soy beef, soy chicken and assorted vegetables with a special sauce simmered to delight your taste buds


34. Soy Fish in a Clay Pot  - $14.95

Caramelized soy fish with garlic sauce, fresh pineapple, green onion, ginger and Thai chilies


35. Mushroom Wonder - $14.95

Pan roasted shiitake mushrooms in our special house sauce bedded with assorted steamed vegetables


Side Orders

Brown Rice or Jasmine Rice - $2.50

Roast Potatoes - $4.95

Steamed Vegetables w/ Peanut Sauce - $4.95

Steamed Tofu - $4.95

Garlic Noodles  - $6.95

Soy Protein Nugget with Sweet Tangy Sauce -  $6.95

Extra sauce on side (peanut sauce, ginger plum sauce, basil sauce)  - $1.95                                                                           


Fresh Mint Lemonade - $3.95

Jasmine Tea (hot or iced)  - $2.50

Thai Ice Tea - $3.95

Blended Vietnamese Ice Coffee  - $3.95

Vietnamese Ice Coffee  -  $3.95

Fresh Young Coconut juice - $4.95

Soda  - $1.95


Combine listed juices or add fresh: pineapple, beat, lime, mango, banana, or celery juice to any of the listed juices for only an additional $1

Orange                         $4.95

Watermelon                  $4.95

Apple (Red/Green)       $5.95

Honeydew                    $5.95

Melon                           $5.95

Carrot                           $5.95




Strawberry                     $5.95

Blueberry                       $5.95

Banana                          $5.95

Mango                           $6.50

Avocado                        $6.50

Kiwi                                $6.50


Combine listed smoothie flavors for only an additional $1



 Coconut Tapioca - $4.95

Mango Coconut Tapioca -  $5.95

Banana Lumpia - $5.95

Chocolate Cake - $5.95

Carrot Cake - $5.95



Open from 11am-8pm daily

Closed Sundays

Lunch hour from 11am-2pm

13802 N Scottsdale Rd, Suite 161, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Phone (480) 443-2556

NW corner Scottsdale Rd & Thunderbird


We thank you for dining at Fresh Mint and welcome any comments you may have so we may better serve you in the future.


  • A 18% gratuity will be included for a party of 5 or more.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • We are a vegan restaurant; cross contamination may happen with soy allergy.