Gluten Free Menu



2GF.     Fresh Summer Rolls                                        $5.95

3GF.     Fresh Autumn Rolls                                         $5.95

4GF.     Fresh Cucumber Rolls                                     $6.95

5GF.     Veggie Kabob                                                   $6.95




6GF.     Green Papaya Salad                                        $8.95

7GF.     Fresh Mint Salad                                              $8.95

8GF.     Lotus Salad                                                        $8.95

9GF.     Fresh Island Green                                           $8.95



10GF.   Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Soup

11GF.   Spicy Lemongrass Noodle Soup

12GF.   Five Spice Noodle Soup (Pho)

13GF.   Fresh Garden Vegetable Soup


Small: $6.95    Large: $8.95



15GF.   Lemongrass Tofu Delight                               $10.95

17GF.   Stir Fried Noodles                                            $10.95



All entrees served with jasmine white rice or brown rice, and steamed vegetables

18GF.   Rainbow Wonder                                            $12.95

20GF.   Eggplant with Basil                                         $10.95

21GF.   Fresh Lemongrass Tofu                                  $12.95

22GF.   Golden Curry Vegetables                               $11.95

23GF.   Vegetable Fried Rice                                       $11.95

25GF.   Signature Lemongrass Curry                         $11.95

26GF.   Garlic Soybean                                                  $10.95


Chef’s Specials

All chef’s specials served with jasmine white rice or brown rice, and steamed vegetables

30GF.   Curry Apple Tofu                                             $13.95

33DF. Hot Pot                                                              $14.95



Coconut Tapioca                                                         $4.95

Mango Coconut Tapioca                                             $5.95